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Road, sea, river, air transport services

By road, sea, river, air

DACOROM INTERNATIONAL offers the full set of services, including transport-related services

Freight transport services

Servicii rutiere

Road freight transport

Dacorom Intl. offers professional, safe and efficient road freight transport solutions.

Also, Dacorom Intl. provides the full set of activities related to road freight transport: Logistics, warehousing, route and itinerary planning, insurance and documentation, quality control and safety, regulatory and legal compliance. read more

Transport multimodal

Multimodal transport

Multimodal transport is a concept that refers to the use of several modes of goods transport from a point of origin to a destination. This concept aims to optimize and streamline the transport process, reducing costs, time and environmental impact. read more

transport maritim si fluvial

Sea and river transport

Shipping freight is one of the most efficient and economical way to transport large quantities of goods over long distances, but it requires careful planning and coordination to ensure that the goods reach their destination safely and on time. read more

Transport pe calea ferata

Freight transport by rail

Freight transport by rail is a complex process involving several stages and procedures. Rail transport has many advantages that make it an attractive option for transporting goods in certain situations. read more

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Dacorom Internațional Ltd.

DACOROM INTERNATIONAL is a freight forwarder that develops complex shipping and logistics plans. Projects are tailored to various specific customer requirements

Transport aerian

Air freight

Air freight refers to the process of transporting goods or merchandise using aircraft. This type of transport is used to move goods over long distances or to hard-to-reach locations in a fast and efficient way. read more

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Services related to the transport of goods

Servicii vamale

Cargo insurance

Customs authorities are responsible for carrying out regulatory controls with the aim of protecting the revenue, safety and prosperity of citizens. Customs duty management is necessary to control the flow of goods.

The customs process starts in the country of origin and ends in the country of destination.

Asigurare Cargo

Cargo insurance

Dacorom offers solutions that relieve you of your worries and protect you from any unwanted events that may occur during transport.

We offer a range of cargo insurance to cover several types and classes of risks. The solutions offered can cover the entire value of the goods if they are damaged for various reasons.

depozitare marfă

Port services

Dacorom Intl. offers all port operation services in Constanta Port and in ports around the world.
Port services: unloading-loading car / wagon / warehouse, storage, guarding cargo in transit, unloading / loading on ship with specialized cranes, mooring / unmooring, cargo survey.