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Steel plates shipment by sea river vessel via Volga Don Channel to Baku, Azerbaidjan

  • CLIENT: Retems Logistics, Baku Azerbaidjan
  • PROJECT / CARGO: Steel plates shipment
  • VOLUME (cbm): 956 tons
  • MAX.DIMENS.: Steel plates with the following dimension: 12 m x 3m
  • DESTINATION: Baku, Azerbaidjan
  • DELIVERY CONDITION: Free out barge Constanta – CFR Baku, Azerbaidjan
SCANEX Enterprises Limited Kft, Steel plates , Azerbaidjan

The cargo arrived in Constanta by covered river barge SL 19002

The cargo presented for discharging from pre-carrying river barges.

The cargo lot described as Heavy steel plates, consisting of loose steel plates of similar dimension, 1 to 4 plates per cargo lift. Part of plates projecting on ‘bundle’ end up to 30cm.

The heavy plates were transshipped indirectly in Constanta port to river barge Lida, followed by sea river transport through Volga-Don channel up to Baku, Azerbaidjan.

It was a race against the clock since the weather became very cold and the Volga Don Channel started to freeze. There was also the risk that Volga-Don channel will be closed by the Russian authorities just when our vessel Lida was about to enter the channel. Finally, Lida delivered just in time the cargo to it’s destination Baku.

SCANEX Enterprises Limited Kft, Steel plates , Georgia project images

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