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Direct transshipment in Constanta, 4 units, 1706 tons in total, Gas to Liquid Project Uzbekistan

  • CLIENT: CJ ICM Logistics
  • CARGO:
  • VOLUME: 
  • DESTINATION: Uzbekistan Gas to Liquid project.

Dacorom International ltd. for and on behalf of contracting company CJ ICM Logistics, has organized in Constanta seaport a cargo transshipment for highly complex industrial products with extreme dimensions and weights, as follows:

  • 2 unit of drums separators with the following specification: 25 X 8.80 X 9.20 meters / 351.5 mt per unit
  • 2 units of catalyst slurry hoppers with the following specifications: 51 X 8.6 x 8.72 meters / 501.4 mt per unit

At Constanta seaport, the cargo direct transshipment from the vessel into 2 barges/pontoons especially designed for large cargo shipments, were carried out with the vessel’s cranes, devices and operator – very difficult operations giving the extreme weight of the units and the positioning of the barges relative to the vessel; transshipment of the 501.4 mt pieces took 1 day for each unit.

The operations were successfully completed, which was confirmed both by the representatives of the Beneficiary and by the survey reports drafted by the authorized personnel.

The equipment was manufactured in China and provided by HYUNDAI Engineering for the Uzbekistan Gas to Liquid project.

The transport logistics were particularly complex – a heavy lift vessel specialized in handling oversized cargo was used for the sea transport from the port of origin in China to Constanta seaport while for the transshipments of units, 2 barges / pontoons were used on the Black Sea and on the Volga Don channel to the Caspian Sea followed by the transshipment from the 2 barges to port of destination in the Caspian and in the end a road transport of approximately 2,300 km to the final destination.

Gas to Liquid cargo transshipment for highly complex industrial products:project images

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